Nutrition and Weight Management Course

Welcome to my nutrition and weight management course! Here I will attempt to collate the scientific literature with my own real-world experiences mixed in to provide a general blueprint for healthy eating and weight management. I am not perfect and I do not claim this course is perfect, but it truly is my best attempt to bring forward useful and accurate information that will also be practical. When there is ambiguity in the literature I will try to make this clear, and when there is outright controversy I will try to present all sides fairly.

There are 14 lessons in this course:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of metabolism
  • Lesson 2: How to Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  • Lesson 3: How to Determine Caloric Intake and Track Progress
  • Lesson 4: Protein
  • Lesson 5: Fat
  • Lesson 6: Carbohydrates
  • Lesson 7: Fiber
  • Lesson 8: Alcohol
  • Lesson 9: Micronutrients
  • Lesson 10: Food groups
  • Lesson 11: “Chrononutrition”, the timing of when we eat
  • Lesson 12: An Overview of Various Diets
  • Lesson 13: Overcoming the Barriers of Cost and Time
  • Lesson 14: Habits, Mindset, and Approach for Success

The course will work best if you go through the lessons in order, though that is only really critical for lessons 1, 2, and 3. The other lessons can be looked at in isolation and you will still be able to understand the vast majority of the information that is presented.

This course is primarily written for adults. However, I do discuss some aspects of pediatric nutrition in several of the lessons, and the concepts presented in all of the lessons will still apply to children, with the exception of Lesson 11 where I am not considering pediatric studies. Lesson 3 should not be applied to children as pediatric weight goals and ongoing growth makes them a distinct case from adults. The concepts in Lesson 2 should only be applied to children with care due to concerns of misapplication or contributing to disordered eating; it would be worthwhile discussing this with your child’s healthcare provider if you would like to apply this with them.

Much of the information in this course applies to adults with a variety of different medical conditions and while on multiple medications, but it is still important to run things by your healthcare provider prior to making any significant changes.

If after going through the course anything is unclear, if you feel I have left out any pertinent topics, if you believe there is any relevant literature that I did not include, or if you think I’m simply wrong about anything, please contact me and if indicated I will edit the course.

With all of that said, please enjoy! You can click to whichever lesson you wish to begin below. Additionally, you will probably find your viewing experience to be improved if you go through this on a computer as opposed to a phone as there may be issues with resizing of the images on a smaller screen. That said, you will still be able to read all of the content on a phone, it will just be a little less visually appealing.

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