Welcome to HealthierWithScience!

Hello! Eventually I hope to populate this website with lots of health-related topics, but as I’m just now launching it the content is going to be sparse for some time.

While I am new to creating my own website, I am not new to nutrition and exercise, and it is my goal with this website to help synthesize the research evidence with my medical background as well as my personal experiences in fitness to help highlight what is and is not true and what does and does not work towards promoting better health outcomes.

To that end, I am now making this website public as I have completed a nutrition and weight management course and want to make this available to everyone. I am not charging for it as I would like it to reach as many people as possible. Based on feedback I receive I’ll determine how to proceed further with the website; if it’s generally well-received I will probably work on an exercise course next.

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